Welcome to Edinburgh Schools


Security is a priority at Edinburgh School. There are security guards on duty night and day, both at the gate and patrolling the grounds. Guards are posted at the Boarding Hostel at all times. Electric fencing, high boundary walls, security lighting, CCTV and alarm system connected to Ultimate Security Response

Our Skills:

Gaurds 100%
CCTV 100%
Campus Security 100%
Building Security 100%



The school offers a unique international experience for students. Whilst emphasis is placed on their own culture and traditions as well as those of Kenya, they also learn to appreciate the diversity the world has to offer and will be enriched by a kaleidoscope of ideas and views.


We embrace a world-centred perspective, promoting programmes that provide opportunities for students to develop their full potential in all respects. The Edinburgh Core values are part of the planned curriculum and form the foundation for our educational programmes .