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Edinburgh School is an international school of its kind in East AFRICA with a unique cultural diversity; academic, creative and sporting prowess and wide-ranging opportunities provided to broaden the mind, body and spirit are well-established. We equip our students to develop and grow into effective young adults and world citizens.

We look forward to a lifelong mission, achieving this through partnership with parents, support staff and board of governors. The cohesive community and low student-teacher ratios enable our students to be stimulated and challenged academically. Each student is encouraged to aim high and is supported to achieve personal examination success — opening the door to further their higher education and career path.

About Us

Edinburgh is a leadership development center with a Private international Girls Boarding School offering 8-4-4 & IGCSE (year 9 - 13) system of education. We are located in Murang`a, 80km drive from Kenyan capital Nairobi in a beautiful serene surrounding, creating a relaxed atmosphere and a positive learning environment, with modern state of art facilities . At Edinburgh we believe that by adopting clearly defined expectations, we will provide the students with the security necessary to achieve their potential within a relaxed but academically rigorous environment.

  • Clear expectations in relation to academic performance and standards of behavior.
  • Providing the opportunity for our students to learn the skills necessary to further their education and to function successfully in the modern world.
  • Positive image and personality reinforcement which will provide students with the confidence and self-esteem necessary to succeed.
  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn. Fostering tolerance, awareness and respect for others without regard to race, religion, nationality or gender.
  • Inspiring students to set goals which reflect the utmost of their capabilities. A curriculum that ensures the holistic educational development of each student.
  • Parents being active partners in learning through mentorship and ongoing communication with the school.
  • Instilling in students an awareness of the environment and the need to preserve it.
  • Fostering within each student a desire to take responsibility for self-motivation, self-direction, self-discipline and a positive self-image.

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