Welcome to Edinburgh Schools


The Boarding Hostel has its own student common rooms with satellite TV and many other recreational facilities. Study rooms on each floor are fitted out with individual desks as well as project areas. Homework or prep sessions are given priority and are scheduled every evening from Monday to Friday. Students are supervised during home work time, as well as during all activities and outings. The mentors are residential staff whose role is to mentor to inspire, challenge, and motivate. This programme is aimed at promoting students' personal and social devel opment by fostering positive attitudes. The mentors monitor the students' overall progress, academic, personal and social.

The swimming pool, indoor sports arena, running track, ICT labs and other facilities are available for use by the boarders out of school hours, under supervision. During the weekends there is a full timetable, which includes outdoor games and sports, indoor games, creative sessions, movie nights, cinema and theatre visits, outings to the Agikuyu shrine Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga, Sagana Rapids and many more.

On Sundays, dedicated transport and supervision are provided for the students who wish to attend church services.

Also, set in an attractive campus and conveniently located in Murang`a, Edinburgh School offers students a stimulating learn- ing environment with a variety of features and facilities. Each section enjoys its own facilities, flanked by the administration block. The school also provides the highest standards of safety and security. A separate, well equipped, playing and outdoor study and resting area is available for students.

A Few Of Our Facilities:


An unequalled 500+ seat international quality outdoor theatre supports the creative and performing arts programme across the school. The facility which has an amazing view of the entire sports arena allow National Theatre performances, school shows and conference abilities that enhance the schools ability to promote the 'arts' for both the students and the community.


A 25m Olympic short course swimming pool, 400m international standard running track an all-weather astro turf multi-pur- pose field, complement the other playing fields, indoor sports arena and multi-purpose Science and ICT The school features fully-equipped, state-of-the-art science labs and multiple computer (ICT) rooms, with computer access available in the classrooms and libraries.


Students are provided with necessary text books and work books but extra text books, work books and stationery are available at the school store in accord- ance with prescribed books for each class and subject options.
The School libraries are well-resourced and every student can access the facility on request or when need be. In addition, there is a first class art studio that provides students with a wide array of resources for artistic expres- sion and exploration.


A clean and well-stocked canteen sells healthy snacks and drinks during break times. Hygiene and strict control of food are regarded as top priorities.


The school has a well-equipped medical dispensary under the control of a resident fully-qualified nurse. All cases of injury or illness receive immediate medical attention. Whenever specialised medical aid is required, emergency transport is available to take the student to the hospital



Edinburgh School, believes in the importance of a school uniform. Students are expected to wear their uniforms proudly. The uniform is simple but smart and distinctive. Uniforms are available in school.